turntechknighthood whispered,

ayo happy wednesdave

now it is thursdave, nice try.

doov replied to your post: tough decisions: saving dave’s life or getting to…

saving dave’s life by kissing liv tyler

living the dream.

tough decisions: saving dave’s life or getting to kiss liv tyler.

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i am simply appreciating works of art. matthew mcconaughey is a good actor and a handsome guy. 

i am all those things and so much more wheres my shrine? you better not have burnt it down in a freak baking accident because that is no excuse i deserve multiple shrines and also a picture of me in a special place like on your bedstand in a heart-shaped frame or maybe in a locket that you keep hidden away underneath your pillow

1. i don’t bake and even if i did, i wouldn’t burn it, and even if i DID, how would it reach my room to burn down the dave shrine that has obviously accumulated over the years.

2. maybe if you sent me more pictures i would have more to work with, since you’re not a famous sexy actor who has lots of posters of his awesome movies and i can’t find pictures of your face in stores yet, sorry.




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i think itd be great to camp out in your bed

so do i, that’s why i do it every night.

and yet i still havent received any invitations to join you

i thought we were friends for life riding together and dying together two bros who share an unbreakable force stronger than a covalent bond

just look at us now falling apart like kim kardashians relationship whats gonna happen next?


if you wanted to sleep in my bed, all you had to do was ask. i’m expecting dinner first, though.

the difference here is kim kardashian has a better butt than you.


The Legends Ends

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Liv Tyler

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for halloween i’m going to be mario and dave can be peach.

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Lucky Charms.

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